The offer has been accepted, what is next?

Once you and the buyer agree on terms and sign the contract, the buyer will generally have to turn their attention to the loan process. I will monitor this situation all the way to closing. I will also be busy coordinating with the title company, inspector, appraiser and surveyor toward a smooth closing.A title company may order a survey of your property and research the title to your home, making sure the chain of title is clear. Any problems on your title will show up in the Title Commitment.Clearing the title may require paying off liens – that is, any monetary claims – against your property. Examples are mechanic’s liens, unpaid state and federal tax liens, court judgments, and probate considerations if applicable. I will check the Commitment, go over any issues with you and coordinate our response to them with the title company.The buyer may hire an inspector to review many items in the property such as the structural components, mechanical items, electrical and plumbing systems.

The inspector will report to the buyer the items that the inspector finds to be in need of repair. It is not uncommon for the buyer to ask for certain repairs to be made based on this report.Do not be surprised or offended if the inspection notes some items in need of repair. An inspector is trained to see items and defects that are not obvious to you; they are also representing the buyer, who is paying them for the inspection. No matter how new or well maintained a home is, an inspector may very well find some items in need of repair. As your representative, I will be working to lessen the impact of any repairs.