How to Submit an Offer on Our Listings

Read, initial and sign the Seller’s Disclosure, which you should find online, as well as any attachments, addendums, and amendments.

Provide Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter.

Suggested earnest money is 1% of sales price to:

Tabitha Smith
Escrow Officer
Trinity Title
8303 N. MoPac, Suite A-100
Drive Suite 100
Austin, Tx 78759
Kara Strobel
Escrow Officer
Austin Title
3708 Spicewood Springs
Austin, TX 78759

Property exclusions by the seller will be listed the Seller’s Disclosure. Please list these items on the offer/contract you are submitting.

Please use the following schedule for the option period:

7 – $100
8 – $150
9 – $200
10 – $250

Please schedule inspection at the earliest possible date within the option period. While option days do include the weekends, we find it better to negotiate repairs on weekdays so our clients have the opportunity to contact any contractors they might need for bids. We highly discourage repair amendments to be submitted on the last day of the option period.

Please e-mail offers to listing agents email address, and follow up with a text to notify them of incoming offer in their email.

To confirm receipt of contracts: Text listing agent’s number.

Contracts and amendments received on weekends will be negotiated on the following Monday, Contracts received during holidays will be negotiated at the next earliest opportunity.

2900 Anderson Lane Bld. C 200 Ste. 313 Austin, Texas 78757 phone 512-997-9250