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Austin, TX.  A place that I am proud to call home!  Whether one has been here for 2 weeks or 40 years, there is always a special feeling associated with this place.  I’m happy to say that I grew up here and I’ve been lucky enough to work/live here throughout my career in various industries.  Most of my experience has been in the sales arena and have met many people and had great experiences.  The one constant throughout this has been my valued relationship with people.  I am now privileged to extend my experience, knowledge and dedication to helping those that are looking for a change in their lives.  Whether it’s buying that first house, or selling and upgrading to something larger (sometimes simultaneously);   there are a lot of things to consider.  Navigating through a Real Estate transaction can be a stressful and tedious experience.   I am excited and honored to be able to assist with completing those goals and I promise to not only listen to the specific needs and goals of each and every client, but will also do everything I can to make the whole process a pleasant, worry-free experience.