Mortgage Rates To Rise?

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Calendar JAN13 - 2015

While we wrapped up 2014 with mortgage rates at near historic lows (30 year fixed mortgage rates at 3.87%), things are almost certain to change soon. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, mortgage rates should be More+

Home Winterizing Checklists

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Calendar DEC15 - 2014

The cold has arrived and with it can come damage and wasted energy. But some simple and low cost maintenance and weatherproofing tasks can save you money on your energy bill and keep the damaging weather where it belongs…outside your home! Many homeowners think that winterizing their home will ...More+

Holiday Home Staging Tips

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Calendar DEC13 - 2014

This may be the most wonderful time of the year…but as we all know, that doesn't usually extend to the Real Estate market. If you aren't putting a painful dent in the down payment fund with all that shopping, then you're busy with party after party, family in town for visits, etc. For all of its s...More+

Mortgage Mistakes To Avoid

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Calendar DEC12 - 2014

Before jumping in the car to pick out the perfect home to buy, take a few minutes to read and go over these mortgage mistakes that are made far too often and usually end up costing homeowners BIG TIME! At this time of year, and when planning the most important purchase of your life, the last thing y...More+

Austin Housing Market Update Seeing Green

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Calendar APR06 - 2014

Austin Home Sales Way Up While Prices In February Reach Record High.

Austin Home Sales and the Real Estate Market in general have swum out to sea long enough looking for that elusive break heading back they can start riding to the more stable shores we've come to long for. More+

Helpful First Time Homebuyer Tools

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Calendar FEB25 - 2014

  After all the preparation, hard work, saving and planning, buying your first home is easily the most important and exciting purchase of your life thus far. However, once you start the process of buying a new home or condo, you're going to quickly realize that the entire process can be diff...More+

The Best Places to Check Out Fall Foliage!

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Calendar DEC17 - 2012

If you moved here in the spring or summer, you may not know this yet, but our little corner of the world is home to some of the most spectacular fall foliage in the country. Want even better news? Some of the best places to see it are no more than a fifteen-minute drive away! Want to spend a scenic...More+

Five Simple Upgrades to Make Your Kitchen Pop

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Calendar DEC16 - 2012

When first putting a house on the market, sellers are taught to focus on big changes, on overhauling this or rebuilding that. So much time and energy goes into making big, dramatic upgrades that, oftentimes, the little things (that make all the difference!) get overlooked. There is no single room in...More+

Five New South Bloomfield Listings Now on the Market!

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Calendar DEC15 - 2012

When first proposed nearly six years ago, the Mayor's plan to begin rehabilitating portions of South Bloomfield was divisive, to say the least, and more than one sternly worded op-ed appeared in our stalwart Bloomfield Picayune. I have to admit that even I was skeptical, until I attended th...More+